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30 October 2019

We often receive calls from our clients who have been challenged by regional trading standards bodies regarding their interpretation of the UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR) which implemented the TPD in the UK. The trading standards bodies across the UK often interpret the regulations in different ways which results in confusion, stress and lost time for our clients.

In order to assist the entire vaping industry Adact Medical Ltd have entered into a government sponsored partnership under the Regulatory Enforcement & Sanctions Act 2008 with the Peterborough & Cambridgeshire County Council Trading Standards to form The Adact Primary Authority Partnership (Adact PAP)*

We invite you to become a member of the Adact PAP and to then deal exclusively with Peterborough & Cambridgeshire County Council Trading Standards.

“It just makes perfect sense! As soon as Trish told me that Adact were setting up a partnership with Peterborough and Cambridge Trading Standards I signed up. I have wasted too much of my time dealing with different enforcement officers who all seem to interpret TPD in different ways”

Greg Cox – QCig

What do primary authorities do?
Primary authorities provide advice to businesses that other local regulators must respect on compliance with the regulations. They can also produce an inspection plan for a business to improve the effectiveness of visits by local regulators and underpin better sharing of information.

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The advantages to your business are:
Access to relevant, authoritative tailored advice.
Recognition of robust compliance arrangements.
The ability to draw on an established and effective means of meeting business regulations.
Confidence that you are protecting your customers and your business.

How will this look?
You register your entire UK businesses/retail outlets (entities) and then no matter where they are situated in the UK they will be covered by one single trading standards office (Peterborough & Cambridgeshire) which means no more regional confusion about the interpretation of regulations.
If any other local trading standards officers visit any of your outlets you may inform them that you are part of the Adact Primary Authority Partnership and refer them to Peterborough & Cambridgeshire Trading Standards (our partners) who will then deal directly with the regional trading standards body to resolve any issues.
You will receive a document confirming your membership and a window sticker advertising that you are indeed a member of Adact PAP.

Do I have to be based in the UK?
No, you do not have to be based in the UK to join if you have business outlets in the UK

How much will this cost?
The fee for joining this group is £50 per annum per outlet – e.g. business, retail premise etc. These fees cover administration of the group and to pay for projects undertaken by the Adact PAP on behalf of our group. For example, the Adact PAP will work closely with its members to address any highlighted issues e.g. To research and develop a single labelling and packaging guideline.
Peterborough & Cambridgeshire Trading Standards are available to members for individual projects and they will invoice you directly for work undertaken on your behalf e.g. liaising between you and the Health & Safety Executive or other Trading Standards bodies regarding ongoing issues. This is invoiced @£62.00 per hour.
Every member has the option to formally engage Peterborough & Cambridgeshire Trading Standards directly and pay for their services (@£62.00 per hour) for example to examine and confirm that a packaging or labelling design meets all the required criteria before it is committed to printing or to deal with a complex problem specific to that client and not the group.

Short-fill compliance and the Adact PAP
As UKVIA members Adact are committed to the growth and promotion of the vaping industry and the continuous improvement of standards for consumer protection. Adact have commissioned the Adact PAP on behalf of the UK vaping industry to produce clear guidelines regarding Short-Fill compliance in accordance with the General Products Safety Regulations and our trading standards officer is in contact with the MHRA. We look forward to sharing these guidelines once this critical work is complete.

Adact urge you to join the Adact PAP in complete confidence that this small investment will benefit your business greatly.

We look forward to receiving your membership details.

For membership details please contact:

ADACT Medical Ltd:
Telephone: +44(0)1302 986 088

*Adact Primary Authority Partnership Ltd is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.

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