Menthol cigarette ban to accelerate the switch to vaping

28 May 2020

Menthol smokers are the choice of 18% of the UK’s 7.2 million smokers. However, this type of cigarette will no longer be seen on sale after 20 May 2020 following a ban in the United Kingdom and European Union.

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) believe the ban is set to lead to a spike in adult smokers adjusting their habits, which presents a major public health opportunity. Research conducted by one of the UK’s largest online vape retailers revealed that 39% plan on quitting smoking, with nearly a fifth (18%) indicating they will transition to vaping products.

Menthol is one of the vaping sector’s most successful offerings, and many of ADACT’s most successful offerings, and many of ADACT customers know from experience that menthol cigarette smokers have switched directly to much less harmful menthol flavoured vaping products with great success.

John Dunne, director at the UKVIA, said: “The UKVIA and its members are fully prepared for this landmark change to UK regulations and are ready to provide smokers looking to switch, and existing vapers, with a range of viable menthol smoke-free alternatives to see them through this transition.”

The potential for improvements in public health through smokers’ quitting and switching to vaping is backed by Public Health England, which continues to state that vaping is at least 95% less-harmful than smoking.

Source: UKVIA

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