Opening up of the United Arab Emirates for the vaping industry

28 October 2019

The other big news is the opening up of the United Arab Emirates for the vaping industry. The UAE want TPD standards and notification, but with key differences that add complexity and expense.

Firstly, it has to be shown that products are stable for the duration of their shelf life. This requires a stability study in an accredited laboratory – not a big job, but slow and there are costs associated with it. Next, an emissions test in an accredited laboratory is required. Finally, the product needs to be manufactures to ISO standards. For a lot of companies this is something they are already doing, for others it is a big step up. Once all the data is ready, it needs to be submitted for approval. Once approved, the product can then be sold. The filing costs are £1,500 (TBC) and 20 SKUs can be filed at a time. The market is there and I am sure a lot of companies will be heading over to the UAE. We have had several enquiries to date.

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