Companies selling electronic cigarettes, vape devices, pens, cigalikes, tanks, pods, disposables and Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTA) are required to prove their safety and compliance in the markets in which they are sold.

Electronic cigarette and vape devices need to be notified under Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) before they can be legally sold in the UK and the EU. A full regulatory compliance test of the product, including the battery, needs to be undertaken.

Key elements of device testing include:

  • an emissions test for degradant products
  • test of metals and silicates
  • a nicotine consistency test

After successful testing, we file a TPD notification for your product to sell in Europe.

The benefits of working with ADACT


1. Scientific expertise in device testing

Device testing is without doubt the most challenging area of testing within the electronic cigarette and vaping industry. We are scientists and we have a proven, track record that is respected and trusted by vaping companies and industry bodies such as the MHRA, to deliver such complex services.

2. Device testing for the United States – PMTA

As an extension to our standard device testing service, ADACT are also able to undertake Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application (PMTA) grade device testing for the United States from our own ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

3. Certification and web listing on

We list our clients products on our own TPD directory – This is used by Trading Standards and the MHRA to check which products are compliant.


Vape Safe

4. Vape Safe – passionate about consumer safety

We have developed our universal trademark so you can show your customers that you care about their safety. We call this Vape Safe.

Resource: Vape Safe

5. Future proof your compliance

Work with excellent scientists who provide a first-class service. Recently, we were contacted by a company who had used a cheap tick-box compliance service. Two years later, the regulators informed them the tox data was incomplete and they couldn’t sell their products. The original company would not put it right – they didn’t know how to. We stepped in, waived our usual fees and put everything right. As a result, the company has spent more money on compliance and lost valuable revenue. Buy right first time.

Other compliance requirements

• Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application (PMTA)

We can help your business succeed

We care about our customers and ensuring they have access to affordable compliance services to enable their businesses to grow.

Compliance strengthens brands – consumers naturally have a higher level of confidence in tested, approved products. Compliant products have a leading edge in the market place, when compared to non-tested brands and products.

Work with scientists, work with us

Experts in science

Consult with a compliance agency with an excellent in-depth understanding of the science behind their work.

Reliable results

Our testing is completed in our own state of the art ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, providing results you can trust.

Numbers to trust

We have immense experience in providing compliance with over 1,500,000 TPD notifications since May 2016.

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