ADACT were at the nucleus of the watershed moment of the introduction of TPD in 2016-17, and we have helped over 300 companies achieve compliance for their e-liquids, devices and vaping products.

We have immense scientific expertise and our founder and Chief Regulatory Officer Damien Bové sits on the British Standards Institution (BSI) international standards committee and helps set new standards for the vaping and electronic cigarette industry. Our membership of the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) means we are deeply involved and investing into campaigns to benefit the future health of the entire industry. We are proud of our involvement in the setting of future standards.

Testing you can rely on

Choosing ADACT for your TPD testing ensures that the testing is done in compliance with the very latest standards. Currently, there is no regulated standard beyond the need to be able to validate your test – not only has ADACT’s testing been validated, we continue to update our processes and test to a set standard that allows us to spot a product that is showing high levels of degrading ingredients against the background of tens of thousands of previous tests.

Trusted by flavor houses

We are trusted by major flavour houses around the world to have access to their unique formulation data aka CAS data, which is needed to deliver TPD compliance. Note: Some companies, which offer testing services and produce their own flavours, are not permitted to have other flavor house’s formulation data. They have to go through additional testing to overcome this hurdle.

REACH compliant Safety Data Sheets (SDS) provided as standard

Working to the very latest standards, our fully trained and qualified staff will provide you with new approved Safety Data Sheets (SDS). They are available in all languages of the EU and others from around the world. Our SDS comply with REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/1148 Annex II, 2019.

Certification and web listing on

We list our clients products on our own TPD directory – This is used by Trading Standards and the MHRA to check which products are compliant.

Vape Safe – demonstrating excellence

We have developed our universal trademark so you can show your customers that you care about their safety. We call this Vape Safe.

Future proof your compliance

Work with excellent scientists who provide a first-class service. Recently, we were contacted by a company who had used a cheap tick-box compliance service. Two years later, the regulators informed them the tox data was incomplete and they couldn’t sell their products. The original company would not put it right – they didn’t know how to. We stepped in, waived our usual fees and put everything right. As a result, the company has spent more money on compliance and lost valuable revenue. Buy right first time.

Phase 1: Toxicology assessments, aka formulation reviews

ADACT have the expertise to write our own toxicology assessments and reach out to experienced inhalation toxicologists to set exposure related toxicology assessments for those compounds that demand an even more detailed review. Our reports and recommendations on exposure have been sent to the Public Health England to contribute to the setting of future standards.

We have developed a risk-based approach to toxicology assessments where compounds are assessed at each stage to ensure we can be confident in their safe use. If there are red flags on a basic toxicology assessment, we are then able to undertake a detailed exposure related toxicology assessment that allows us to put our support behind products that might otherwise appear to be borderline.

Phase 2 : Emissions testing, aka vapour analysis

We undertake your emissions testing in-house from our own laboratory to current standards. Our recently upgraded laboratory has the potential to cover the most rigorous requirements of the FDA and PMTA requirements in the United States, giving us the full capability of emissions testing to all global requirements. In preparation for future global standards, we have recently invested into updating our laboratory as we move from High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GCMS).

Making science simple: So, what’s the difference between HPLC and GCMS? In brief, GCMS provides more robust methodologies. To compare, in a non-science world it’s the difference between having an Android phone or an Apple phone. Hope that helps!

Our tests analyse emissions formaldehydes, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other stipulated derigants. We profile over 750 chemical components!

Phase 3: Compile toxicology data and market data

Our own software system uploads all your tox data and market data and sends it to the EU Portal. Three years later in 2020, XML Mark II is about to come online with new and amazing capabilities. We are continuously working hard to further develop and improving our systems.

Work with scientists, work with us

Companies around the world have trusted ADACT with their regulatory compliance.

  • Consult with a world renowned compliance agency who knows compliance and has an excellent understanding of the science behind it – not all compliance agencies are scientists and regulatory experts with this in-depth knowledge and expertise.
  • All our testing is completed in our own state of the art ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, providing results you can trust and rely on.
  • Choose an agency with proven results who is dedicated to your success. We have immense experience in providing compliance with over 1,500,000 TPD notifications since May 2016.

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