Damien Bové

Damien Bové BSc, MSc, RICR

Chief Regulatory Officer

Damien leads a great team of global regulatory compliance experts. He brings an entrepreneurial and creative spirit to his role at ADACT HQ. Read Damien’s full CV by clicking here…

Michelle Bové

Michelle Bové


A big fan of The Home Edit, Michelle is extremely organized and is a driving force within the heart of the ADACT family, working in finance, as well as managing legal matters, and PR and marketing.

Jane Wragg

Jane Wragg BSc Hons, Dip M

Business Manager 

An immensely experienced, sales and marketing professional with a passion for achieving results. Leads by example, with a can-do attitude! Jane is on the board of the British Herbal Medicine Association.

David Wood

David Wood

Chief Compliance Officer

Extremely popular with customers, David provides expert guidance in the latest quality standards and legislation, and heads up our analytical services. He is our go-to-person in CBD and formulations! 

Nic Wells

Nic Wells BSc Hons

TPD Submissions & Data Manager

Nic has a wealth of experience in processes, systems and compliance. He is passionate about safety, security and is our IT guru!

Gary Webb

Gary Webb

Customer Services Manager

Gary is the first point of contact for our customers, providing guidance through the science and helping to achieve compliance for products, and thus raising brand standards. As well as being a football coach at the weekend, he is our customer champion!

Aaron Farmer

Aaron Farmer BA/BSc Hons

Regulatory Officer

Driven by an in-depth knowledge and deep understanding of the regulations, Aaron is a master of Safety Data Sheets, after completing REACH and CLP training. Working alongside Damien, he is developing his regulatory expertise and knowledge. With a degree in law, he is a shooting star for the future! Aaron is a member of The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs.

Karolina Maciejewska

Karolina Maciejewska BSc Hons

Laboratory Manager

With a degree in Chemical Technology and engineer’s qualification, Karolina is a highly skilled chemist and lab technician. She heads up our ISO accredited laboratory and analytical services with great precision and excellence. She is our Miss Perfection!

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