The latest on e-cigarette use and COVID-19

14 February 2021

The concept of e-cigarette and vape products acting as a method of COVID-19 transmission has been discussed many times since the pandemic arrived in 2020.

The respiratory flow associated with vaping is visible (as opposed to other respiratory activities such as speaking or coughing which are invisible) which has led to it being a target in the fight against COVID-19. The facts surrounding vaping have always shown it does increase the risk to an incredibly small degree.

Findings published on 3 February 2021 show that over a distance of 1-2 metres vaping increases the risk of indirect contagion by 1% over normal rest breathing. The figure is so low as vaping is a relatively infrequent and intermittent respiratory activity.

As a comparison, the risk increases to 44–176% for speaking 6–24 minutes per hour and 260% for coughing every 2 minutes.

The article reveals that protection from possible COVID-19 transmission through vaping emissions doesn’t require any additional interventions besides the standard recommendations of keeping a two metre distance between others and wearing a face mask.

ADACT’s Chief Regulatory Officer, Damien Bové, previously said “Electronic cigarette and vaping consumers should be aware of the worries and fears of the larger general population—especially when sharing indoor space or when in close proximity to others—and the next few months may be a time to exercise extra common sense and caution around others.”

To read the full Aerial Transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus through Environmental E-Cigarette Aerosols: Implications for Public Policies article by Roberto A. Sussman, Eliana Golberstein and Riccardo Polosa please visit 

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