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ADACT Medical Ltd brings together over 20 years’ experience of medical product regulatory compliance within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, herbal medicines and supplements sectors.

Damien Bové
BSc (Sci. Hons), MSc (Sci. Open), ICR
Chief Regulatory Officer

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Our founder and Chief Regulatory Officer is Damien Bové BSc (Sci. Hons), MSc (Sci. Open), RICR who today leads a team of experts who have an in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the rapidly growing electronic cigarette, vaping and CBD industries.

Latest updates

Take action today to maintain your German sales

Many electronic cigarette and vaping distributors in Germany have stopped ordering short fill products that can’t demonstrate TPD compliance. How can you avoid this? In recent weeks, we have heard of many German distributors…

FDA step up age checks for online sales

To better protect children the FDA are checking more and more online stores that sell electronic cigarette and vaping products for their compliance in blocking underage customers. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have…

ADACT announce over 1,000 PMTA submissions

We are proud to announce the successful submission of over 1,000 applications on behalf of 20 major electronic cigarette and vaping brands. Following the FDA’s decision to push back the introduction of the Premarket Tobacco…