Welcome to ADACT Medical. We may be new to you – but we bring together over 20 years of experience of medical regulatory compliance in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, herbal medicines and supplements sectors. We pride ourselves on our excellent team, their in-depth knowledge, and our state of the art ISO 17025 accredited laboratory here in the United Kingdom.

We believe in bringing affordable, high quality science and services to companies big and small so they can grow their businesses and brands. As a team, we care passionately about consumer safety and that, we launched Vape Safe in November 2019 and continue to support ADACT Primary Authority Partnership, and invest in tpd.expert and zero.expert.

We’re delighted to meet you and look forward to talking and working with you soon.

Pioneers in our sector

ADACT were at the nucleus of the watershed moment of the introduction of TPD in 2016-17, and we have helped over 300 companies achieve compliance for their e-liquids, devices and vaping products.

We have:

  • over 4,000 flavour concentrates in our system
  • tested more than 23,000 products
  • completed more than 750 toxicology reports
  • presented over 1.5 million TPD notifications.

In doing so, we have become one of Europe’s largest regulatory compliance specialists, and in recent years has evolved once again to bring our internationally respected and trusted service to the rapidly expanding CBD and hemp industry.

Guided by science

With our exceptional scientific understanding and immense experience, our in-depth service is more than a simple box ticking service offered by some. To achieve full compliance, TPD testing – or analytical chemistry – is just the beginning of our service. We will guide you through each stage and provide after sales support too.

Our rigorous processes protect consumers from harmful substances and support the ethos and brands of our clients. We work closely with brands of all sizes in the electronic cigarette, vaping, CBD and hemp industries to gain regulatory compliance across the globe by completing the specific demands of EMEA, NCSA and AP regions.


We work independently and are not affiliated with any one supplier, organisation or flavour house.

Affordable excellence

We combine high quality service with affordable prices and we will guide you through all the stages to achieve full compliance.

Representing our industry

British Standards Institute (BSI) – Electronic and E-liquids Committee Member

In May 2019, Damien was invited to sit on the BSI’s committee for vaping products. The committee takes an advisory position in the governance and resilience of electronic cigarettes and related e-liquids, and frequently sets standards of best practice, which the industry at large follows. More importantly, it feeds into international standards and has a voting position on the International Organisation for Standardisation.

The working group is made up of UK industry experts who frequently help to draft international standards. Current members include representatives from the Ministry of HCLG, the MHRA, IBTVA, London Fire Brigade, Consumer Rights and Protection Network, and our very own Damien Bové.

Institute of Clinical Research – Registered Member (RICR)

The ICR is the oldest membership-led professional body for global clinical researchers. Members must hold a BSc in Life Sciences and have at least one year, experience in clinical research. Damien is a registered member because of his ongoing commitment to excellence at the leading edge of scientific standards and medical science.

UKVIA – Registered Member

Through the UKVIA, we help to campaign and lobby within the United Kingdom for proportionate and reasonable regulations for the vape industry. This allows us to contribute to both public and political debates on the issues affecting our industry, while supporting our customers and the wider industry in line with the very latest medical and scientific findings to drive the industry in the future.

Information Commission Office (ICO)

The ICO is the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights. We are a member of the ICO and follow the guidance set out in the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

PJLA Labs – ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited Laboratory

At the end of 2019 ADACT’s UK based laboratory was tested by Perry Johnson Laboratory Accreditation, after which we received ISO/IEC 17025:2017. This accreditation stands to certify our technical competence and use of thorough quality management systems in the testing of chemicals. View certification by pressing here…

Medilink – Registered Member

Work with scientists, work with us

Companies around the world have trusted ADACT with their regulatory compliance.

  • Consult with a world renowned compliance agency who knows compliance and has an excellent understanding of the science behind it – not all compliance agencies are scientists and regulatory experts with this in-depth knowledge and expertise.
  • All our testing is completed in our own state of the art ISO 17025 accredited laboratory, providing results you can trust and rely on.
  • Choose an agency with proven results who is dedicated to your success. We have immense experience in providing compliance with over 1,500,000 TPD notifications since May 2016.

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