Introducing Vape Safe from ADACT Medical Ltd

In the current environment of increased scrutiny of vape products, many companies have taken careful steps to ascertain that their products are safe to vape. Sadly, reputable sellers are often being confused with those who don’t take consumer safety and well-being as seriously.

It is an important message to get across that your company’s products have been independently assessed as safe to vape, or as ADACT call it, Vape Safe.

With that in mind ADACT has produced a new trademark for your use in promoting safe vaping products which can only be used once ADACT has comprehensively assessed them for safety against current regulatory standards for safety.

The trademark can be used exclusively by ADACT customers to promote their products in print, on packaging, online and in-store.

Our goal with Vape Safe is to help inform your customers in a transparent and easy to understand way that as a responsible manufacturer of vaping products, your products have been rigorously tested against all current regulations and legislation.

If you have any questions or require support implementing Vape Safe, please contact ADACT by emailing or calling +44 (0)1302 98 60 88.

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