Vaping: The Future of Smoking Cessation and Regulatory Landscapes

In the continuous battle against smoking – a leading cause of preventable illness and death – the role of vaping as a cessation tool is spotlighted. ADACT Medical, a frontrunner in health-related fields provides insight into this evolving landscape. We take a focused look into the intricate world of vaping, sorting fact from fiction and […]

Decoding the Enigma of Mushrooms: The Future of Superfoods and Scientific Discovery

In an era where the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern scientific discovery shapes our understanding of nutrition, mushrooms emerge as a compelling narrative in the search for superfoods. At ADACT Medical, our mission to lead in analysis, testing, and compliance across health sciences finds a vibrant illustration in the study of mushrooms. This blog […]

Streamline Your Compliance: Join ADACT’s Primary Authority Partnership

TPD TRPR and GPSR Regulation advice

Are compliance inspections causing you a headache? With ADACT’s Primary Authority Partnership, you gain government-backed support to overcome the complexities of TPD/TRPR and GPSR regulations, saving you time and protecting your revenue. Unlock These Exclusive Benefits: Expert Advocacy: Peterborough & Cambridgeshire Trading Standards will guide inspections, letting you focus on growth. Tailored Advice: Receive authoritative, […]