New Zealand smoking ban scrapped

New Zealand flag

New Zealand smoking ban scrapped The New Zealand has scrapped its smoking ban, its ground-breaking law that aimed to create a smoke-free generation. The decision, made by the country’s new National party-led government, has drawn widespread criticism from health experts and advocacy groups. The law inspired a similar policy in the UK, and is designed […]

Vape pods require 2ml fill certification

Vape pods require 2ml fill certification With the future of disposable vapes (aka disposables) in doubt, pod systems or pods, are back in vogue. It is important to highlight that pods fall under the same 2ml fill regulations as disposables.   Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR) for e-cigarette tanks The Tobacco and Related […]

Black cohosh testing

Black cohosh testing ADACT Medical has recently conducted black cohosh testing for the Daily Mail. A recent in-depth investigation published by the UK’s Daily Mail Online on 13 November 2023, highlighted that popular herbal menopause remedies containing black cohosh – and promoted on Amazon and Google – have very low (or dangerously high) levels of […]